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Annual Awards 2017

Annual Awards 2017 logo. The Richmond Society’s Annual Awards for 2017 were presented on Thursday 21st September by our patron, Baroness van Dedem.  This was the 40th anniversary of the first Richmond Society awards in 1977.

Paul Martin, Chief Executive London Boroughs of Richmond and Wandsworth was the guest of honour.

This year’s brass plaque was given for for the renovation and conversion to apartments of the Star and Garter.

Brass Plaque Award – Star & Garter:
Renovation and conversion to apartments

Annual Awards 2017: Star and Garter, Richmond.

London Square
Mark Lopeman
Mark Smith
PDP London
Simon Gazzard
London Square

Commendation – The Tap Tavern:
Transformation of the street façades

Annual Awards 2017: The Tap Tavern, Richmond.

Mr Sat Ghuman
Rosendale Design
Dale Atkinson
Thompsons Ltd
Joseph Thompson

Commendation – The Ivy Café:
Transformation of restaurant premises

Annual Awards 2017: The Ivy Café, Richmond.

Pegasus Group
Michael Spurgeon
Pump House Designs
Steve Fasey
We Make It Happen Design & Build
Lucy Potter
Laura Sadler
Alyssa Kirton

Commendation – Richmond War Memorial:
Cleaning and restoration

Annual Awards 2017: Richmond War Memorial.

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Michael Pike
Stonewest Ltd
Carl Nicholas
Toby Moore
Terry Watts

Commendation – Holbrook House:
Renovation of Garden

Annual Awards 2017: Holbrook House, Richmond.

Holbrook House Ltd
Robert Leigh
Robin Hart Design
Robin Hart


With many thanks to Helen Taylor for the photos.


Wendy Macaulay 1924-2017

Members of the Society and many others who have lived in and around Richmond since the 1950s and 1960s or longer were much saddened by news of the death of Wendy Macaulay at the end of June.

Wendy made a significant contribution to the Richmond Society across the years – as a founder member of the Society and as member of its Executive Committee from 1957 until 1964, when she stood down to have her fourth child – her place being taken by her friend Sheila Attenborough – and as a valued member and supporter through the years since, including serving as area-representative for Richmond Hill from 1970.

As a resident of Rosemont Road on Richmond Hill for some sixty years, Wendy was a well-known and highly regarded figure in Richmond and an effective campaigner for securing the best for the Town, its community and its amenity. Members of the Society who attended the celebration of the first sixty years of the Society in April will remember with pleasure Wendy’s fascinating recollections of the Town and the Society in its early days.

Perhaps Wendy’s greatest achievement locally was her co-founding The Friends of Richmond Park in 1961 and her active involvement and continuing support for the protection and conservation of the Park ‘for the benefit of public and future generations’. Right up to her recently leaving Rosemont Road and moving to a care-home overlooking her beloved Park, Wendy remained active in local affairs, supporting Liberal causes and the Richmond Good Neighbours scheme, as well as fulfilling her important role as mother of three daughters and one son and grandmother to nine grandchildren.

The Society and the wider Richmond community have much to thank Wendy for in her public service across the years.

Paul Velluet
Chairman, 1984-1988
27th July, 2017

Old Deer Park

The Old Deer Park Working Group (ODPG) consists of representatives of The Richmond Society, The Kew Society, The Friends of Richmond Green, The Friends of Old Deer Park and The St Margaret’s Estate Residents Association.

ODPG Framework Proposal (June 2012)

Report thumbnailIn June 2012 the Group published the report: The Old Deer Park, Richmond – Re-connecting the Town to its local park – Realising an under-recognised parkland asset – A framework for conservation and enhancement.

The Group’s aim in publishing the report was to provide a positive contribution to discussion and debate in the context of the falling-in and renewal of all but two of the existing leases granted by the Crown Estate for the land comprising the Old Deer Park, Richmond.

ODPG Boundary Definitions Proposal Proposal (February 2013)

Report thumbnailThe Group’s 2012 report raised concerns regarding significant anomalies regarding the definitions of a number of boundaries relating to the Old Deer Park shown in the Council’s Local Development Framework Proposals Map, Adopted November 2011. So in February 2013 the Group issued a further Boundary Definitions report recommending that the scope of future Old Deer Park plans include:
(1) the Pools on the Park, its grounds and car park
(2) the Old Deer Park car park and the land between that and the railway
(3) the carriageway and footways of the Twickenham Road.

ODPG response to the Council’s Site Allocations Consultation (November 2013)

In October 2013, Richmond Council issued its Site Allocations Plan consultation, aimed at meeting “present and future needs for housing, employment, retail, transport, education, health, community facilities, sport and leisure, looking ahead over the next fifteen years”.

Report thumbnailThe Old Deer Park Working Group’s response to this reiterated the principles it had set out in its Boundary Definitions report (see above). The Group’s principal concern was that failure by the Council to remedy the designation anomalies that it had identified would leave the relevant areas of the Old Deer Park at significant risk of proposals for substantial built development damaging the integrity and distinctive character of the Park.

ODPG response to the Council’s Site Allocations Plan Pre-Publication consultation
(July 2014)

In June 2014, Richmond Council issued its Site Allocations Development Plan (Pre-Publication consultation on new additional sites).

Report thumbnailThe Old Deer Park Working Group responded, expressing concern that the Council had failed to address the adjustments that it had highlighted as being necessary in its November 2013 response. This failure went against the clear recognition of the case for adjustments in the definition of the relevant zoning boundaries expressed by the Leader of the Council, Cabinet Members, other Councillors and planning officers at useful and constructive meetings held at York House on the 22nd January and 24th February, 2014. The Group once again urged the Council to effect the necessary adjustments in the definition of the relevant zoning boundaries under the provisions of the Site Allocations Plan.

ODPG response to the Council’s Pre-Publication Consultation on the Local Plan
(August 2016)

Report thumbnailIn July 2016, Richmond Council issued out its Pre-Publication Consultation on the Local Plan. In its response, the Old Deer Park Working Group highlighted the absence of a draft Proposals Map, uncertainty whether the Old Deer Park has (or does not have) a Village Plan. It also reiterated the need for the Council to resolve the significant anomalies relating to the definition of the Old Deer Park’s boundaries as highlighted in its Boundary Definitions report of February 2013 (see above).

ODPG response to the Council’s Old Deer Park Supplementary Planning Consultation
(November 2016)

Report thumbnailIn October 2016 Richmond Council issued its Old Deer Park Supplementary Planning Document.   The Old Deer Park Working Group recently responded to this.

Annual Awards 2016

Annual Awards 2016 logo.
The Richmond Society’s Annual Awards for 2016 were presented on Thursday 22nd September by our new patron, Baroness van Dedem, with Richmond’s Mayor, Councillor David Linnette, as the guest of honour.

This year’s brass plaque was given for the restoration of the Collcutt fountain at the top of Richmond Hill by the entrance to Richmond Park.

Collcutt Fountain restoration

Annual Awards 2016: Restoration of the Collcutt Function on Richmond Hill.

Borough of Richmond upon Thames
David Sharp,
Head of Construction & Maintenance

Consulting Architect
Donald Insall Associates
John Dangerfield, Associate Director

Paul Cleghorn Public Lighting Ltd
Paul Cleghorn, Proprietor

Grant giver
Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Civic Pride Fund
Councillor Pam Fleming
Richmond Civic Trust –
London Community Foundation
Sam Smallcombe, Programme & Monitoring Manager

Major funder
London Square
Mark Smith,
Development & Technical Director

The Richmond Society
Nicky Wood, Chair,
Landscaping & Riverside Committee

Awards were also given for the restoration of Dunstable House and of the Clerestory Windows in the Parish Church.

Restoration of Dunstable House on Sheen Road

Annual Awards 2016: Restoration of Dunstable House on Sheen Road.

Bencameron Ltd

M R Partnership Ltd
Christopher Watts, Director & Consultant Architect

Jaspar Management Ltd
Anish Patel


Restoration of the Clerestory Windows
in the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene

Annual Awards 2016: Restoration of the Clerestory Windows in the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene

Richmond Team Ministry
The Reverend Wilma Roest

Peter Bowyer, Parish Architect

Richard Murphy

Original Stained Glass & Glazing Company
Tyrone Russell

Honorable Mentions

The Richmond Society also commended the following developments:

  • The new Travelodge at 9 Paradise Road
  • Gail’s Bakery in Lichfield Court
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the Terrace Gardens


RSPA Fountain on Richmond Hill

The RSPA fountain by the Star and Garter in Richmond

The RSPA fountain by the Star and Garter in Richmond

The Collcutt Cattle Fountain is a fine example of Arts and Crafts design and Victorian metalwork, Listed Grade II, and is one of only a few remaining intact examples of the work of the notable Victorian architect T.E.Collcutt, another being the tower of the Imperial Institute in South Kensington.

The Cattle Fountain was commissioned to commemorate the work of the local branch of the RSPCA.   A design was published in Building News in 1891 for a decorative fountain and drinking trough for cattle & horses that had toiled to the top of Richmond Hill. Collcutt even included a drinking trough for dogs, at ground level.

Recently we realised that the monument required major repair. The Richmond Society obtained estimates for the necessary repair work and raised funds towards the costs of repair, with work being overseen by LBRuT’s consulting architect, John Dangerfield of Donald Insall Associates.

The decorative metalwork canopy was removed to a conservation workshop so that essential repairs to the structural elements and finishes could be carried out.  The lanterns were fully restored, and rewired using eco-friendly LED lamps. In addition masonry repairs and re-pointing were carried out on site to the granite trough.

The works are jointly funded by the Richmond Society’s Landscaping Fund, London Square, LBRuT’s Civic Pride Fund and The London Community Foundation’s Richmond Civic Trust Fund.