The Richmond Society works to monitor and influence where necessary all proposals affecting the built environment of the Richmond Town and Hill areas. Developers are encouraged to discuss schemes with us at feasibility stages. Once planning applications are published, comments or representations are made to the Planning Authority on those of significant environmental or amenity impact. The Society’s Conservation, Development and Planning Sub-Committee also receives valuable feedback from members on planning issues and is always glad to advise them on these.

The Society is formally affiliated to the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies. Direct liaison is maintained with several other local and national amenity groups and bodies.

We respond to many local and national consultations on planning matters, contributing especially to processes which lead to the formulation of successive longer-term plans for the borough as they affect Richmond.

We monitor the condition of Richmond’s historic and other buildings of architectural value. Where they are threatened by dereliction and decay, we pursue the relevant action with the authorities to secure urgent repairs and long-term improvement.

From time to time the Society prepares and publishes detailed studies on major local conservation and development issues, and feasibility studies towards the preservation, rehabilitation or conversion of threatened or under-utilised buildings.

In all these activities we seek to be positive and constructive, discouraging adverse change but encouraging developments that will enhance the character or amenity of the town.