The Richmond Society announces its Manifesto

The Richmond Society’s charitable objectives are a statutory requirement and are registered with the Charity Commission. In the nature of these things, the language is somewhat dry and does not go into great detail.

Thumbnail of first page of Manifesto document

Therefore, in 2021 the Trustees set out pro-actively to listen to members and the wider community to discover expectations. This process informed Executive Committee discussions of strategic objectives and resulted in the drafting of a forward-looking Manifesto for Richmond. It is believed to be the first time the Society has stated in one detailed document what it wants for the town.

The Manifesto was approved by the Executive Committee of Trustees in September 2021 and launched at this year’s edition of our Annual Awards in October 2021.

The Manifesto pledges to

  • support the local economy whilst raising awareness of culture, history and heritage, and enhancing facilities for residents and visitors alike
  • encourage an active interest in Richmond and its various community bodies whilst providing a focus for our members to meet and socialise
  • continue the Society’s work of more than six decades to conserve all that is good about the town and its natural and built environment
  • campaign against air and other forms of pollution, aircraft noise and any other harmful environmental matters, including the expansion of Heathrow Airport which we believe to be unnecessary and hazardous to surrounding communities including our own
  • actively support anything that contributes to the realisation of this vision and oppose anything that might impede it.

We want to know what you think of our Manifesto and our vision for Richmond. Please send feedback to